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Graphics enabled CPUs coming to every second PC

by on17 March 2011

IGPs and low-end discrete dying out
Nearly half of PCs shipped in 2011 will feature CPUs with integrated graphics, either in AMD or Intel flavors.

Analysts believe integrated on-chip graphics will be used in 115 million notebooks and 63 million desktops by the end of the year. HIS iSuppli believes about 45 percent of all PCs shipped this year will feature such CPUs and their share will continue to rise in the future.

The trend kicked off with Intel’s last generation CPUs and it is continued with Sandy Bridge cores, as well as AMD’s promising Fusion parts. With ever growing performance, the need for discrete graphics is slowly diminishing in many market segments and sticking a graphics core onto the CPU die saves money and space.

Analysts believe that graphics-enabled processors will be used in 83 percent of notebooks and 76 percent of all desktops shipped by 2014.

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