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Cooler Master working on new Cosmos case

by on07 March 2011

Cebit 2011: The next-gen Cosmos
During Cebit we had a chance to see a mockup of the upcoming Cosmos II case from Cooler Master. In case you somehow missed the previous Cosmos cases from Cooler Master, you should certainly check them out as those were the creme of the crop of Cooler Master's case offering and certainly scored high in reviews. It is thus no wonder Cooler Master is preparing a new one - the Cosmos II.

We were asked not to take any photos as the case is still in development and thus the end product might look a whole lot different. Namely, CM is currently talking to people in order to improve the design as much as it is possible. Despite lack of pictures we can give you some information regarding it and the new Cosmos II really looks impressive, even at this early stage.

Since the Cosmos series is an enthusiast product, CM doesn't want to go cheap on this one so the case should end up with high quality brushed aluminum, probably combined with quality plastic in some parts. It will have an integrated fan controller, a design that resembles the original Cosmos, but with a lot of improvements.

The first thing that we noticed is that Cosmos II will be a bit bigger than the original one but will still have those same bars on top, something that we honestly liked on the first Cosmos since we are talking about a heavy-weight class case. It will still be a good old, classy like design case just done with some improvements that CM picked up since the first Cosmos was released.

We were promised pictures as soon as the final sample is made and honestly we are looking forward to them. We were told that the announcement should be ready by the end of May, beging of June, or simply just in time for Computex show. The price is in the air as there is a lot of work to be done, but we were told to expect it to be somewhere between €250 and not over €300. For some this might sound a bit steep but bear in mind that it still is an enthusiast case that comes with the mother of all bells and whistles.

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