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Game Cards for PSP2 to be 2GB or 4GB

by on04 March 2011

Contains room for game saves and patches
Some of the mystery surrounding the NGP (PSP2) is starting to become fact as more details continued to be uncovered. The latest news by way of a panel discussion at GDC confirms that the Game Cards for the NGP will come in two sizes:  2GB and 4GB. Each Game Card has about 5% to 10% of what we suspect is flash memory for game saves and patches.

The removable flash memory cards will be offered in a couple of sizes. The removable flash memory will be used for storage of media as well as downloadable content. Unlike the PSPGo, the NGP has no internal flash memory for storage, so it is likely that you will have to have a removable memory card in the system most of the time. It is unknown if you will be able to save game data from games that come on the Game Cards to the removable flash memory cards, but we suspect that since it has an area on the card for game saves that you likely will not be able to save game data to the removable flash memory cards.

Sony will have a single submission format for developers, meaning that the developer can submit one version of their software that works both on a Game Card and as a download. This will save developers time, of course, by not having to build for two different formats.

The Game Cards will be in 2GB/4GB sizes and the 2GB size holds a little more than the largest UMD titles, which are about 1.8GB. When you compare this to the typical Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles, which average about 8GB to 9GB, the size might seem a little small. Of course, since the resolution of the NGP isn’t as high as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the 4GB size does seem to be right to start with. Sources suggest to us that Sony could support larger Game Card sizes if necessary.

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