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Intel confirms Atom based phone

by on03 March 2011

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Intel is still committed to release an Atom Medfield based phone in 2011 and Intel's director of Tablet divisions in Europe Kevin O'Donovan has confirmed that.

The device is under works and Kevin said that Medfield new MID chip has been sent to customers. The actual device should materialise later this year and in 2012 there should be a few retail devices available.

Morestown chips have been available for some time, but we haven’t seen them in many devices but Medfield should get more popularity.

Nokia already said that it plans to do a MeGoo phone for end of 2011 and we can only wonder if Intel chip will be the same thing. It would be a nice start for Intel, not that Nokia is doing particularly well in the smart phone market, but still it has a strong brand.
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