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No word on FreeStyleGames future

by on25 February 2011

DJ Hero developer still having discussions
The developer of DJ Hero, FreeStyleGames has apparently made it though the job cutting at Activision. The future, however, is still up in the air, but the developer is hoping to have some news soon.

In a released joint statement, the studio has apparently still been in discussions with Activision about the future direction of the studio. While FreeStyleGames does not have an agreement in place yet, the dialogue has apparently been good enough that creative directory Jamie Jackson remains optimistic.

While the studio would like to continue producing a new DJ Hero title and the DLC content for DJ Hero, Activision has already said that DJ Hero isn’t currently in their plans. Of course that can change, but it is hard to say what the future may hold. Whispers suggest that the studio might be pitching something else new to Activision that has apparently caught their attention, but again this is only a rumor. We will see how this shakes out, but it is hard to say if the positive spin being put on the discussions is enough to secure a future project for the studio.
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