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Xoom 3G to cost $799, WiFi version for $599

by on17 February 2011

Galaxy Tab drops to €450
Motorola did what we were all scared of. As an award for being Google‘s pet and not introducing Windows Phone 7 in its handsets, it got some preferential treatment from Google.

Unfortunately Motorola has decided to go wild on prices. First it was LG who disappointed us with $700 to $800 USD or the same amount of euros for unsubsidized tablet and now Motorola did the same $799 for a tablet with 3G.

If you go for the one that is WiFi only you have to pay $599 again way too much money for a netbook without a keyboard. This is what Google bets on. HTC is no better as it wants €669 for its 7-inch Flayer tablet and Samsung has dropped the price of its 7-inch Galaxy to €450, as listed here.

Samsung is the only company with reasonable pricing. For example, you can buy a very nice Acer Aspire One 522 AMD Fusion netbook for $329, listed here and reviewed here.

The key issue is that netbooks with dual-core Atoms sells for about $250 and you can buy three of them for the price of Xoom. Even when you buy three Atom netbooks, you have 50 USD that can you buy a few rounds in the local bar.

Is Xoom or any other Android 3.0 tablet worth $800? I don’t think so.
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