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ARM boss cautions Intel

by on16 February 2011

Intel has a long way to go in mobile
Responding to Intel's recently found mobile optimism, ARM CEO Warren East told Reuters that Intel still has a long way to go, as it's nowhere near ARM in terms of power efficiency.

"Unless they can make their processors smaller they will struggle," he said.

A few days back Intel CFO Stacy Smith told an investors' conference that emerging tablet and smartphone markets are an opportunity for Intel, rather than a challenge. He argued that the new markets would eventually allow Intel to ship billions instead of the measly hundreds of millions they ship each year.

However, ARM doesn't appear to be very concerned. East even announced that ARM was planning to increase royalties due to the competitiveness of its designs.

"As they have more functionality, we are giving more value to our customers, and we expect to be paid more," East told Reuters.

ARM's confidence is hardly surprising considering the tablet hype, Microsoft's decision to embrace the ARM architecture and the continuing growth of the smartphone market.

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