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Dell will close mall kiosks

by on31 January 2008


Marketing strategy is evolving

Dell has announced that it will be closing all of the Dell kiosks that it has located in malls. The original concept of the mall kiosk was to give the consumer the ability to touch and feel Dell products prior to purchase. This concept just does not really seem to make much sense any longer, since you can buy Dell products pretty much at just about every retail outlet that you can think of.

Dell has not released additional details yet, but since some models are not being sold at the retail level, the kiosks could still be useful for the higher-end models that are not being sold in stores. With margins tight, however, it is understandable that Dell is looking for ways to cut costs; and this is one way for them to do it without impacting the business at the retail level.

Last modified on 31 January 2008
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