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Conflicker worm being killed off

by on25 January 2011

Still more work needed
Insecurity experts battling the Conflicker worm claim that they have it down but not out. A group of computer-security researchers said they managed to neutralize the worm's impact by blocking its ability to communicate with its creator, who remains unknown.

However despite years of efforts by security experts, the worm still infects an estimated five million to fifteen million computers.  Conficker worm, turned up in 2008. It disables a computer's security measures, including Windows software updates and antivirus protection, leaving machines vulnerable to more malicious software.

A working group of insecurity experts have been working out ways to kill off the massive network of infected computers.  In a report Rodney Joffe, chairman of the Conficker  working group and chief technologist of Neustar  said that the operation was a complete success, but the patient died.  The group was unable to clean up the machines already infected or stop new ones from being infected. The worm is still there.

In its report, the Conficker Working Group concludes that cybersecurity threats are growing faster than the ability to counter them.

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