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If you want a 3DS you had better pre-order

by on25 January 2011

Launch day availability expected to be tight
In the discussions we have been having with retailers over the past couple of days it is pretty much a given that for the North American launch of the 3DS, launch day availability is expected to be tight. If you want to be sure that you are going to get one on launch day then you had better place a pre-order as soon as possible.

Besides retailers telling us that pre-order is the only way to lock in a 3DS for launch day, Nintendo is apparently also getting into the act, suggesting that a pre-order is the best bet to make sure you are able to get one on launch day.

Retailers that we have spoken with tell us that so far pre-orders have been about average, but this could change one way or the other once Sony makes its PSP2 announcement this Thursday. As one retailer told us, “Many of my customers are telling me that they want to see what the PSP2 is going to offer before choosing which new portable to order. Most of these customers tell me that they will only likely buy one or the other, not both.”

Some analysts that we have spoken with tell us that the number of pre-orders will really tell the story for the 3DS. We also think that it will help Nintendo figure out where the inventory needs to go to satisfy day one orders. Still, several analysts are agreeing with retailers who suggest that many will wait till after the PSP2 announcement before choosing which system to buy, if any.
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