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Only 9 titles for 3DS launch day

by on25 January 2011

More to come later down the road
Retailers that we have spoken with today are echoing the feelings of U.K. retailers that have been saying that only nine (9) titles will be available on the 3DS launch day. While the number of titles might be more in Japan, retailers in North America and the U.K. appear to be expecting nine titles. More titles are expected in the weeks that follow, but the picture isn’t yet clear how many are coming.

The first batch of titles for launch day is said to include Asphault 3D, Ghost Recon, Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars, Nintendogs X 3, Pro Evolution Soccer, Rayman 3D, Street Fighter 3D, Super Monkey Ball 3D, and Splinter Cell. As you might have noticed, only four of these are 3D titles, which aren’t a great number; and of course, the 3D feature is what most people will want to test out.

Nintendo has claimed (as we told you previously) that they expect to have 30 titles available for the 3DS by June, which we now think is possible if the 3DS launches with nine titles to start with. Still, little is known about what all we can expect to see for the 3DS, but we do believe that the titles will have to be better than average if sales of the 3DS are expecting to really take off.
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