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HIS rolls out new IceQ X Radeon HD 6850 cards

by on20 January 2011

Turbo at 820MHz
HIS is preparing two new Radeon HD 6850 cards that will use its new IceQ X-cooled cooler. Both the normal and Turbo version come AMD's Radeon HD 6850 Barts GPU with 960 stream processors and HIS' new IceQ custom cooler.

The HIS Radeon HD 6850 IceQ X Turbo ended up clocked at 820MHz for the GPU and will feature 1GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4400MHz and paired up with a 256-bit memory interface. The normal one will work at reference 775MHz for the GPU and 4000MHz for memory.

According to HIS, the new IceQ X cooler should be up to 13 degrees Celsius cooler and up to 7dB quieter when compared to the reference card. It comes with a 92mm fan and four heatpipes. The backplate still features two DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs.

Unfortunately, HIS has yet to announce the availability date and the price of these two new cards.



Last modified on 20 January 2011
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