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California to post photos of DUI drivers on Facebook?

by on19 January 2011

Fool me twice, you’re on Facebook
A councilman in Huntington Beach, California, is calling for photos of anyone who was arrested for drunken driving more than once, to be featured on Facebook.

Apparently, it is thought that this might do something to stop these individuals. We on the other hand are not sure who in their right mind would rummage through a bunch of mug-shots online, and on Facebook nonetheless. Having said that, even if someone would do so, what good would it do?

Once again, we seek to address the consequences without heeding the root problem – if you give humans a choice to drink and drive, they’re bound to do it sooner or later and there is nothing we can do about it. Well, that’s unless the next-gen processors found in car infotainment systems start coming with alcohol tests to go with the fancy graphics.

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Last modified on 19 January 2011
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