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TI OMAP 4430 has 40Mpoligons / second

by on17 January 2011

Less than Tegra 2 but more fillrate
We have learned one more thing about TI OMAP 4430 chip that powers Blackberry Playbook and its polygon/second count.

Texas instruments OMAP 4430 1GHz chip can cope with 40 Millions of Polygons a second, legacy of its SGX540 core. Numbers have been confirmed by industry sources.

Tegra 2 has peak rate of astonishing 71 million polygons in second which sounds a lot faster. Power VR SGX 535 graphics core used in the iPhone and iPad A4 is capable of delivering 28 million triangles per second.

However our sources are saying that polygon count is not the only number to look as someone who has seen both chips claims that TI OMAP 4430 can outperform Nvidia in fill rate testing and shader computing performance. Apparently Nvidia has a weaker memory interface.

TI4430 should cope better with some cases in user interface and high screen gaming and resolution, our sources claim. There should be a quite a few announcements with OMAP 4430 at Barcelona Mobile World Congress starting February 14th but we know that Nvidia has already snatched quite a few designs with its Tegra 2 chip.

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