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German firm about to launch Facebook wiper

by on13 January 2011

Delete your past
A German firm is to launch software which allows users have photos uploaded to social notworking sites erased automatically after a certain time.

X-Pire said that the software should prevent the increasingly frequent occurrence of someone being refused a job or running into other embarrassing difficulties after posting a photo that maybe should have been kept private. The software drags the picture into the software which assigns it an electronic key that is valid for a limited time period.

Michael Backes, X-Pire founder said that if someone wishes to view that photo later, the server checks whether the photo has "expired" and blocks it from being displayed if its time is up. Internet surfers already have the power to delete photos from social networking websites like Facebook, but they don't do it.

Backes said that most Facebook users were passive. They go on, they put on a lot of private information and almost never come back on or they forget their password. The software will be available "in the next few days" and will cost two euros ($2.64) per month, he added.

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