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Notebooks make up 70 percent of EU market

by on11 January 2011

Growing up

TAM abbreviation means two things, a truck factory in Maribor, Slovenia and more importantly its an abbreviation for Total Amount of Market.

In EMEA, Europe Middle east and Africa, seventy percent of computers that are currently being sold are notebooks. This number is likely to grow in 2011 and get to a new hight. Desktops are 30 percent of the market, and they will shrink further. The thirty percent number includes all those systems that are being treated as a desktop. The desktop will stay but its market share and importance is drastically decaying over the next years. We got this all from companies that are selling PC components, whose identity needs to remain in the shadow.

Times change and just as notebooks overtook desktops a few years back, tablets and smart phones combined might outsell notebooks at some points. The year 2013 seems to be at the top of analysts' minds, probably because they are hoping that we will forget their predictions by then if they don't pan out. Pocket PC is definitely a suitable name for super phones these days as some of them might end up faster than desktops just few years old. Remember some of the phones will come with dual core and ability to play full HD 1080p content and some quite demanding games.

AMD knows about this change and its Fusion is what should keep them in all mobile business, but Fusion and x86 in particular still don't do that great in low power area. Looking at Ontario, Zacate and Atom, you can notice that both AMD and Intel are getting much better in it, but still way hotter than ARM based cores. With 28nm we believe AMD can event get in some tablets as well. Intel plans to get into smart phones as it already has some tablet designs.

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