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Motorola expects to ship 800,000 Xoom tablets

by on11 January 2011

If rumours are right
Digitimes, quoting its deep throats in the part supply business, has worked out that Motorola is planning on shipping between 700,000 to 800,000 Xoom tablets over the next few months.

The Android 3.0 tablet should sell all this between February  and the end of March. As many as one million could ship if demand is high enough, Digitimes claims. There was a hint that Android 3.0 had a fairly narrow range of support and worked best on seven- to 10-inch screens; it's believed it needs a minimum 720p (1280x720) screen to work.

Google is rumoured to be giving Motorola favoured support. Many smaller companies are having to push their release dates until late March. This includes the MSI WindPad 100A. Along with the Xoom, Motorola was also said to be finally returning to shipping more than 10 million phones in 2011. Analysts are predicting the outfit will bounce back a bit this year,

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