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PC version of Battlefield 3 is special

by on04 January 2011

Putting extraordinary effort into this release
The promise of a more robust version of Battlefield 3 on the PC is something that DICE has talked about in the past, but it does seem that they fully intend to put the special effort into making the PC version something very special.

The latest news comes from lead designer, David Goldfarb, who was quoted in a recent tweet as saying, “We are putting special effort into the PC version; even for us, it’s extraordinary.” The news comes hot on the heels of an exceptional resurgence of Battlefield play on the PC after the release of the Battlefield Vietnam add-on for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

While little is actually known about Battlefield 3, we do know that DICE and publisher Electronic Arts are planning for a release of the title toward the end of 2011. What comes as more of a surprise is that the PC version will apparently jettison support for Windows XP, and PC owners will have to upgrade to either Windows Vista or Windows 7 to play Battlefield 3.

A beta for Battlefield 3 is planned for those that purchase Medal of Honor. DICE will be releasing Battlefield 3 on the PC as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is expected that players will get a real first look at what DICE has in store after an upcoming talk at GDC in March takes place with a more in depth reveal in June at E3.

Battlefield 3 has yet to be formally announced by EA, other than the references to it during earnings discussions and the news of the beta that was included with Medal of Honor. Sources confirm to us that you can expect EA and DICE to make a formal announcement soon; and they suspect that EA will tell us of a potential date for the start of the multiplayer beta as well as the actual proposed ship date for the release of the game.

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