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DRM on Win Phone 7 Marketplace hacked

by on30 December 2010

Microsoft said to be aware of the situation
Sony isn’t the only one facing problems with hackers, as Microsoft has an issue, too. Apparently, the DRM (digital rights management) for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has also been cracked, which allows for stripping of DRM from applications.

The good news for Microsoft is apparently this crack and the vulnerability that makes it possible have yet to been released to the public. Microsoft has not given any indication publically that they are aware of the issue, but from the whispers we hear suggest that they are aware of the problem.

It is unclear yet what will become of this knowledge or whether the DRM crack will makes its way into the hands of the public, but it does seem that it would be best for Microsoft if they were able to keep a lid on the issue. The existences of the DRM crack was apparently first reported by WPCentral, but after a couple of calls to our sources we can confirm that it does seem to be real.

According to our sources, Microsoft is already looking at the situation privately and it is expected that they will address the issue with an update. The bigger question is when this update might be deployed; but if Microsoft is successful at keeping a lid on this DRM crack, it will buy them some much needed time to address the issue in the best way possible.
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