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Tegra 2 can play all the HD you can imagine

by on23 December 2010

H.264,WMV9 VC1, DivX and more
We told you that we managed to see some cool Tegra 2 documentation and we can tell you that when it comes to HD video decoding, Tegra 2 can cope with numerous standards. First of them is H.264 with sub standards Baseline Profile (B frames) — 1080p/20Mbps, Main Profile (B Frames, CAVLC) — 1080p, Main Profile (B Frames, CABAC, no weighted prediction) — 720p/6Mbps and High Profile (B Frames, CABAC, no weighted prediction).

Tegra 2 also supports High Profile (B Frames, CABAC, no weighted prediction), MPEG-4 (Simple, B frames and ASP Profiles) — 1080p/8Mbps, H.263 (Profile 0) — 720×576/4Mbps, DiVX (DiVX 4/5) — 1080p/8Mbps, XviD (XviD Home Theater) — 1080p/8Mbps, MPEG-2 (Main Profile @ Main Level) — 720×576/10Mbps, VP6 (simple and advanced profile) — 720p30/2Mbps, Sorenson (simple and advanced profile) — 720×576/4Mbps, JPEG up to 80 Mpixel per second.

When it comes to HD video encoding, Tegra 2 can cope with H.264 (Baseline Profile) — 1080p/10Mbps, MPEG-4 (Simple Profile) — 720p/4Mbps, H.263 (Profile 0) — 720×576/4Mbps and JPEG up to 80 MPixel per second.

Audio support is also impressive, as Tegra 2 supports AAC-LC, AAC+, eAAC+,  AMR-WB,AMR-NB, WMA7, WMA8, WMA9, and WMA10,  MP3, PCM/WAV and SBC. Tegra 2 encodes AAC-LC,  AMR-WB, AMR-NB,  PCM/WAV and SBC.

Bear in mind that audio support may vary as you need an audio codec and touch screen controller chip such as Wolfson WM9715L but we are not sure that everyone will use this particular one.

Before you ask us about MKV format, bear in mind that MKV is a container format that contains audio, video, subtitles and packs them in one channel, so as long as the MKV you have uses one of the above codecs, you are good to go.

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