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Windows 8 to run on ARM

by on22 December 2010

ARM full of devices

Just this morning we wrote about Microsoft developing ARM compatible Windows and we have decided to follow this hot lead. Our sources have confirmed it and they had a few new things to add.

It turns out that unnamed operating system is none other than the upcoming Windows 8. Microsoft wants to conquer some of this fast growing arm tablet market. Tablet when you add a keyboard easily becomes as functional as notebook and Microsoft simply has to get to tablets and most likely smart phones as well.

Windows Phone 7 supports the ARM architecture and Windows 8 will simply continue the tradition and get much more improved OS for both computers and tablets.

The only bad thing is that Windows 8 probably won't appear before 2012 and that is quite a long time for Android to seize a significant share of this emerging market. Microsoft does have Windows 7 for tablets, but this OS is not that popular or attractive either.

ARM Cortex 9 is already in dual-core mode and by 2012 you will see some quad-core based 28nm processors. You can definitely expect some big chances in next two years and we do believe that Android with Chrome OS, Android Honeycomb and beyond can seriously threaten Windows dominance.

After the news broke out ARM shares jumped 8.33 percent or $33.60 to $437.10.

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Microsoft developing ARM compatible Windows

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