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Pirate attempt to host Wikileaks hits problems

by on21 December 2010

Czech PirateLeaks delayed
The Czech Pirate Party's attempt to set up its own Wikileaks site "PirateLeaks" has been delayed because of security issues.

Jakub Michálek, editor-in-chief of PirateLeaks told the Czech Position news service that it was proving harder to insuring anonymity for the informers. The Czech Pirate Party has been a big supporter of Wikileaks. In May it launched a "pirate copy" of the site—not just a redirect, "but an exact copy, which will be regularly updated.”

It wanted to create its own version of Wikileaks, the CPP describes the project as a "great way to influence regional politics." But the problem has been creating a portal that protects the identity of sources and the plan has been to join in with the hosting company owned by the founders of torrent sharing site The Pirate Bay, Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij's PeRiQuito (PRQ).

The hope is that is any telco or government agency that tries to probe into the site "will reach a dead end" at PRQ, Michálek explained. It looks like this will take a while to set up.

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