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Socket 1155 boards already shipping in Europe

by on15 December 2010

Good luck finding CPUs for them
Although Intel's Sandy Bridge generation is still a few weeks away, several motherboard makers have already started selling H67 and P67 boards.

The move is obviously pointless, as no Socket 1155 processors are available at the moment, but at least we have a rough idea of what to expect in terms of pricing. According to our price search engine, the cheapest P67 motherboard is Gigabyte's GA-H67M-D2 and it's already available at €83. Asus and MSI have started shipping the P8H67-M and H67MA-E45 and they cost about €90.

The priciest H67 boards go for between €110 and €130 and they should have a few extra features to set them apart from the entry-level, such as USB 3.0 support. However, it's still a bit too early to know the exact specs, but the prices are quite modest.

In the P67 market there is a bit more choice. Prices start at just €115 for MSI's P67A-C45, but most P67 are shipping for about €150. The priciest boards come from Gigabyte and cost more than €200.

Bear in mind that we are still speaking about early listings and that only a handful of retailers actually carry the new boards, so there is a strong chance prices will be even lower once they become widely available. It's just rather unusual to see Sandy Bridge motherboards from several vendors selling weeks ahead of schedule, so we won't link the listings as there's really no point in buying them yet. Also, we've got better things to do.

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