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Microsoft ties aid to Windows use

by on23 January 2008


Don't buy the software, don't get the cash

is tying an education aid package to a condition that educational institutions use Windows. According to Associated Press, Microsoft has promised to spend $235.5 million in schools worldwide over the next five years.

While the money, part of the Partners in Learning program, will go toward training and skills programs in areas with limited IT training and equipment, it is conditioned on the fact these programs use Windows. This flies in the face of EU recommendations that it is better that people get IT skills on software rather than anything specifically proprietary. But it seems that Microsoft has to do something to avoid being hit by Linux-based systems.

Microsoft's package, claims AP, looks look less generous when the company spends it in order to create a market that's forced into buying its products.
Last modified on 24 January 2008
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