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Microsoft confirms Kinect control for Forza 4

by on14 December 2010

Will not be ditching standard controller options
Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios shed a little more light on the Kinect support for Forza 4. The most important take-away is that players will have the ability to experience driving the cars within the game using Kinect; but this does not mean that they are ditching support for the standard controller and the steering wheel support that are so popular with many players.

The Kinect support that is included with the game is an option that players will have the ability to choose to use or not to use. So, this confirms that Forza 4 (when it arrives in the fall of 2011) will be a hybrid title that offers optional Kinect support. It is expected that the title will be offered in both a standard and Limited Edition just as Forza 3 was.

Microsoft and Turn 10 are not yet talking about what will be included with Forza 4, but they expect it to be the ultimate automotive experience that puts the player into the game. While rumors continue of a dubbed down racing experience from Turn 10 that will be exclusive to Kinect, sources tell us that this project (if there ever was one) has been killed off in favor of incorporating this into Forza 4 as one title offering.

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