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New Vegas to get patched again

by on13 December 2010

PS3 done with 360 and PC get it next week
Bethesda continues to address issues with Fallout: New Vegas by remaining committed to releasing patches to correct problems with the title. When the game was initially released, users were very vocal about the fact that the game was buggy and had a number of glitches; of course, some analysts have claimed that this has both hurt sales and led to much dissatisfaction with the game.

Still, Bethesda has been plodding along and releasing patch after patch to address issues. The latest huge patch for New Vegas has already been released for PlayStation 3 users and will arrive for Xbox 360 and PC owners at some point early next week.

The latest patch brings the code of the game up to version 1.02 and features a number of fixes and addresses many problems related to completing various quests in the game. From what we have been able to tell from the published fixes, it could be the most comprehensive fixes for New Vegas and perhaps will finally address the majority of the issues that users have had with the title. While it would have been nice for the game to be released in this condition, it is nice to see the amount of attention that Bethesda has paid to resolving these problems.

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