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Latest NFS DLC not for PC

by on13 December 2010

Will get some DLC in the future
Despite the fact that we love our consoles, playing games on our PC is still of the things that we really like to do. It continues to be frustrating, however, when we see PC gamers once again getting shafted with less than their console friends; and it appears that such will be the case with the latest downloadable content for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which will be a console-only release.

Yes, that’s right, if you elected to purchase Criterion’s new NFS title on the PC rather than your gaming console, then you will not be able to buy the PDLC pack on the PC. Apparently, it has nothing to do with PC owners’ money not being any good, it is just a question of resources, and they don’t have the resources to deliver all new content to all platforms.

Our translation of this goes something like this: “We don’t sell enough copies of the PC version of the game to start with, and we sell even less of available downloadable content to PC users in general, so it isn’t really worth the effort to do PC DLC as we simply make no money on it.”  Of course, this isn’t a direct quote from EA or Criterion, but it does mirror the way many PC gamers feel these days when they buy a title that is available for both the console and PC platforms.

If it is any consolation prize, Criterion has confirmed through forum replies that they do intend at least some updates and content for owners of the PC version of the game, but they didn’t have any timeline or additional details to announce at this time. Criterion has been a long-time supporter of the PC platform, so we do suspect that they will deliver something for PC owners of the game, it really is just more of a question of when.

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