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360 Ghostbusters gets patched

by on06 December 2010

Too little, a year too late for 4 achievements
The Xbox 360 version of Ghostbusters has finally been patched by developer Terminal Reality. This news, for the most part, is probably not that interesting, given the fact that the game has been out over a year now. What the patch does apparently fix is the ability to get four achievements that were previously impossible to obtain due to what Terminal Reality admits was a glitch in the game.

Because it took so long to get this patch out to fix this issue, Terminal Reality is providing a guide written by their QA team that gives players a step-by-step walkthrough guide to get those missing four achievements so that players who still have the game can finally obtain all 1,000 achievement points out of the game.

While Terminal Reality does not explain what took so long in getting the patch out, they were quick to point out that they do have a sequel coming; it is called Sanctum of Slime, which will be a downloadable Ghostbusters shooter that will be coming next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

Get the walkthrough guide for the glitched four achievements here.

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