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Women more likely to choose Apple iOS

by on02 December 2010

Men prefer Android, study claims

According to a new Nielsen study, women are more likely to choose iOS devices, while men are more interested in the Android platform.

The study found that 31 percent of women were planning to buy an Apple iOS device at some point in the future, while 22.8 would go for an Android based device. In contrast, 32.6 percent of men were looking at Android for their next purchase, while 28.6 percent said they would buy an iOS phone.

The US smartphone market is currently dominated by RIM and Apple, with a market share of about 27 percent each. Android is catching up with a 22 percent share, while Windows is trailing with 14 percent. Other OS’s such as Symbian, Linux and Palm OS make up 8 percent of the market combined.

Interestingly, the study concluded that 29.7 percent of all US mobile phone users currently owned a smartphone, which is the highest figure to date.

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