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No Blu-ray announcement at MacWorld

by on21 January 2008

Get your HD content from iTunes

While many outside observers suggested that Apple would announce a new Mac with a Blu-ray drive at MacWorld, or at least announce that they are supporting Blu-ray in future releases, that never happened. Instead, Apple did announce that HD DVD has lost the format war, but you don’t need to buy a Blu-ray drive to enjoy HD content because you can rent all the HD content you want in 720p from iTunes.

With Apple’s new iTunes digital copy technology that is being championed by Fox, owners would get a code in the DVD package that they can input into iTunes to get access to a digital copy that will be available within minutes in their iTunes library.

Apple’s push toward digital content distribution could be an important first step in making the content that you buy more portable. Still, it will take additional support from other studios and consumers to make it become a standard. Still, many consumers are jumping on the digital bandwagon with iTunes, as it continues to make a serious dent in the digital distribution arena with most content providers joining Apple to deliver content. The amount of content that is available in the iTunes store continues to grow each and every day.

With Apple continuing to provide new devices in the iPod family this give consumers a new way to use that digital content. Many iPod owners have been so blown away with each new advancement in the iPod technology offerings some are already on their second or third iPod since the first iPod launched.

Last modified on 21 January 2008
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