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Verizon to roll LTE later today

by on01 December 2010

38 metropolitan areas to offer it first
Verizon will be holding a press conference where (sources tell us) they will confirm that they will be turning up LTE in 38 metropolitan areas before the end of the year that is said to cover over 110 million people.

With this deployment, Verizon will have the world’s largest LTE deployment so far and will be ahead of rival AT&T, who also is working on their initial round of LTE deployment. Sprint, in conjunction with its partner Clearwire, will still have a significant lead in 4G deployment with their Wi-Max offering.

Verizon is said to be offering data products only for use with their initial deployment, and these are expected to be Mi-Fi type products. Verizon is also expected to announce that it will be into next year before LTE handsets start to arrive for their network; but sources tell us that an HTC LTE device isn’t too far off.
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