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Gamers are at fault for lousy movies

by on25 November 2010

Says Billy Bob Thornton
We love a good it-wasn’t-me story, but the latest “excuse” for Hollywood’s shortcomings has got to be among the lousiest. Apparently, Billy Bob Thornton has found the exact reason behind Hollywood’s artistic decline and it was there for us to see all along – gamers.

Talking to The Telegraph, Thornton said how we’re currently making the worst movies in history, which is pretty great since it shows he actually watches the movies he makes. However, the fact that the movies are “geared towards the videogame-playing generation” doesn’t sit well with Thornton.

The reason hides behind the fact that they include lots of violence yet they fail on delivering a point, something that’s in his view been a tradition with earlier violent movies. We did a bit of digging in our archives and we found that Falling Down (1993) had nothing to do with senseless killing, but rather teaching people to be punctual regardless of what happens.

Of course, what kind of advice would it be if Thornton didn’t follow it up with an example of excellent point in a violent movie and it’s a pure coincidence that he’s in it. Apparently, his movie “shows what prisons create, what murder creates. It shows this perpetual, violent string of events.”

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