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Netflix to offer streaming only

by on23 November 2010

New plan will likely be very popular

Netflix appears to be keeping up with competitors by introducing a new “streaming only” pricing plan for just $7.99. The new plan allows for all of the Netflix streaming you can watch without any DVDs to manage or return.

While the introduction of the “streaming only” plan is the big news, other plans have undergone pricing changes, as well. The majority of the plans are seeing price increase of as much as $8, with the lower tier plans going up only $1. Of course, these plans offer DVDs as well as unlimited streaming as part of the package.

Netflix isn’t really saying a lot about the pricing change, but it is obvious that they are attempting to position themselves against their competitors; At the same time they want to make sure that they are ready to take advantage of the influx of new potential subscribers that will be looking at the service with the purchase of a new device such as a TV, Blu-ray player or gaming console that can support Netflix streaming.

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