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Older Palms to get new webOS 2.0

by on22 November 2010

Expect it to arrive in a couple of months
While they have not yet said whether they will charge for it or not, Palm has confirmed that the Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus will be getting the new webOS 2.0 version upgrade. This was confirmed at the recent webOS Developers Day in New York City.

Beyond saying that that all devices would be upgradable to the latest webOS 2.0, little was announced in the way of specifics when a release could be expected. Beyond hinting that it was on tap to be released in the coming months, Palm didn’t have much in the way of a timetable.

Sources tell us that it should start showing up for some models on some carriers in the next couple of months. It would appear that webOS 2.0 does offer a lot of goodies that are going to be worth having; and it is nice that the older devices will have the ability to upgrade, as this isn’t something we are seeing a lot of these days.
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