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Choiix Power Fort 10Whrs and 5.5Whrs tested

by on26 May 2011




The age of Smartphones and various mobile gadgets makes the Power Fort line all the more practical, is it’s a real power on the go.

The 10Whrs version with 2700mAh capacity definitely earned our trust. The packaging has different plugs for different regions, car charger and LED flashlight. The only possible downside would be the size or the fact that it catches prints, but none of that takes away from the really practical side of the device. It currently goes for about €40.

The 5,5Whrs version is much smaller and much more practical to carry around. However, its performance is almost twice lower and slower than the 10Whrs one. We were pretty surprised by the performance, especially since specs claim otherwise. We repeated the test several times and received identical results, although there is a possibility that we’ve received a deficient sample. The device goes for €20.

In conclusion, both devices are nicely designed and practical and you’ll definitely learn to appreciate them when a battery on your phone/MP3/camera is dying with no electricity to be found.

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Last modified on 26 May 2011
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