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Google censors itself

by on19 November 2010

Munich agreement
Search Engine Google got itself into a bit of hot water with the German authorities over its photographing businesses and houses for its Street View project.

After a bit of a row, Google reluctantly allowed for people to opt out of the service. This meant that their houses and businesses would be censored from Street View.

Less than three percent of Germans took up the offer as few people cared enough. Besides it is handy if your friends can find your house.

However one business that did ask to be censored was Google itself. It seems that all the banging on about how such censorship was a bad idea, only applied to other companies.

Google's own Munich office is blank. Google claims that the decision is nothing to do with the search engine outfit. The office is shared with another tenant who wanted to be unidentified. It was impossible to reveal Google, without revealing the other tenant, Google claimed.

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