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Update dropped for Black Ops

by on19 November 2010

360 & PS3 versions get a number of fixes
Coming through with their promise of additional big fixes and tweaks, Treyarch dropped a Call of Duty: Black Ops update for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, which the developer says is the first major update of the title since it has been released. The majority of the fixes from what we see are directly targeted at resolving issues around the multiplayer gaming for the most part.

The update does work hard to deal with all of the matchmaking issues, and it should make matchmaking more seamless and generally just work better. The update does take into consideration network speed and conditions, which should help some of the issues of hosts being moved from one to another because the network performance is degraded.

Beyond the fixes of a number of network game issues, apparently a significant amount of work went into fixes for the leaderboards and stat tracking to get it both reporting and working correctly. The weekly and monthly leaderboards should function correctly now.

While PC Black Ops users are still waiting for an update to take care of a number of issues still causing havoc with the PC version of the title, it sounds like this update should really help the console players. Sources suggest that a PC update is coming, as well, but PC players will just have to be patient, as they are working as fast as they can to get it fixed. It does seem like they are on the ball with releasing patches to continue to fix and tweak the game.
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