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Carmack to do Kinect title?

by on19 November 2010

Said to be something for XBLA
A number of sources are telling us that (none other than) John Carmack of id Software fame wants to develop a title for Kinect. According to the whispers we hear, he really does not have a clue what the title might be, but he finds the Kinect technology very interesting.

While Carmack’s day job has been working on stuff for id Software and Rage, which is still in development, he apparently does have some time he could perhaps budget to developing such an offering; but the title would likely be on the scale of a title you might find for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, and it would be distributed through the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace.

It could still be a while before Carmack is able to get this project off the ground, but the fact that he reportedly has significant interest in the technology is likely enough to ignite his passion to build something new. We will have to just wait and see what happens, but don’t expect an official announcement anytime soon.
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