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PSP2 does seem very likely

by on18 November 2010

More than just rumors from developers
A number of news leaks from the good ship Sony seem to confirm that at least a number of developers have first-generation PlayStation 2 development kits in their possession. The good news about this is that it does provide a much clearer picture of what the PSP2 is likely to offer.

According to sources that claim to have seen these development kits for the PSP2, the new handheld will offer a number of enhancements over previous PSP models. The biggest of these is a reported twin thumb stick design with a reported rear touch-sensitive trackpad. In addition, the PSP2 is said to offer twin cameras for front-facing and rear-facing use. All of this is said to be delivered on an HD slightly higher resolution screen.

The actual hardware driving the system has not changed from what we have been told previously. The PSP2 is to likely be powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 and will offer 512MB of RAM with 1GB of flash ROM used for the OS. The HD screen is reportedly to be between 3.7 to 4.1 inches, but it has been suggested that this could change, depending on market conditions as the device gets closer to release.

While the information that is circulating now is centered on the first-generation PSP2 development kit, we are also hearing whispers of a second PSP2 development kit that makes a number of improvements and tweaks to the hardware. It is unknown if this second-generation development kit is the final version of the PSP2 development kit or just another incremental step in the development process.

Sources tell us that Sony is very serious about the PSP2 and is apparently targeting a release next year for the device. Sony does seem to be making the rounds to talk to a lot of developers about the PSP2, as they would like better software support in place when the PSP2 comes to market. It is no mystery that if Sony is ramping up for a PSP2 launch they will want significant software support for the device. This in itself might not be a small task, as many developers are citing piracy concerns as the reason they are turned off to the possibility of development for the PSP platform.
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