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Apple likely to release thinner Air

by on20 October 2010

Soon you will lose it down the back of the sofa
The dark satanic rumour mill has suggested that Apple is getting ready to release a new version of its ultra-thin, ultra-portable Macbook Air.

Apparently Steve Jobs has not been feeding the Air and its even thinner than before. Sources have told technology website Cult of Mac that the new 13.3-in computer will feature a 50 per cent bigger battery. This will give it eight to 10 hours of battery life, and will weigh less than the current model’s 1.3kg.

Some news sites claim that there will be a netbook version of the MacBook Air, with an 11.6-in screen, however since that would mean a real backtrack from Steve Jobs that is unlikely. Jobs once said that Apple could not make an netbook without it being rubbish. So he made a keyboardless netbook and called it a tablet instead.

We played with one over the weekend and yes, it was rubbish. (You played with an iPad? What, did you lose a bet or something? sub.ed.)
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