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Asus readies overclocked Barts

by on19 October 2010

El Barto taken off Ritalin
A retailer has posted some early listings of two Asus HD 6800 boards and both of them are factory overclocked, making them just a tad more interesting.

The HD 6850 DirectCU is clocked at 790MHz for the core, which is still just a slight overclock from the reference 775MHz speed. The memory runs at 1000MHz (4000MHz effective) and the card packs 960 shaders, although the listing states it has just 800.

Asus' HD 6870 is clocked at 913MHz, just 13MHz over the reference clock but we still don't know the memory clocks.

Despite rather modest clock boosts, both cards should offer a superior cooler, so they might be worth looking into. The HD 6850 is priced at $218, while the 6870 should sell for $270. These are still early listings so take the prices with a grain of salt.
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