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Kinect learns about sitting

by on19 October 2010

Can tell the difference between you and a couch
As with any new piece of technology, a few kinks have to be worked out. The news that Kinect could not tell the difference between the couch and the player when seated came as quite a shock to many. The good news is that Microsoft has figured out this issue.

According to our sources, Kinect was re-calibrated and now is able to tell the difference. Apparently, the calibration changes the way that Kinect tracks your position and it now focuses on your neck, and it can now track your hands and arms by doing so.

It does not surprise us that they figured out how to fix it. It just takes time to figure out the problem and find and apply the right solution. This news means that things are now all right in Kinect land and the launch can proceed.

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