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EVGA GTX 460 For The Win reviewed

by on15 October 2010



EVGA GTX 460 FTW 1GB is one of the fastest GTX 460 cards around and comes with a 2 year warranty (more on that here). EVGA’s GTX 460 FTW is great for gaming at resolutions such as 1920x1080, and it isn’t too pricey either. This card will set you back about €206 whereas the same company's reference GTX 460 1024MB (675MHz GPU, 900MHz memory) is priced at about €181.

It’s well worth noting that the difference in pricing is at about 14%, here, whereas the performance difference is up to 22%. Although the card comes with reference cooling, we must admit we’ve had no trouble whatsoever – this time around Nvidia seems to have done a good job.

If you prefer the green team and are looking for a DirectX 11 card to satisfy your DX11 gaming urge, the GTX 460 is a good choice. EVGA’s GTX 460 1GB FTW, on the other hand, is an even better choice considering the added performance and you definitely won’t go wrong if it ends up in your arsenal. On the other hand, AMD will soon launch its new cards so it might be wise to wait a bit more, if not for the cards in GTX 460’s range, then for the price cuts that are likely to follow the launch.

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Last modified on 15 October 2010
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