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MOH should hit sales targets

by on15 October 2010

Will pursue success in FPS space
With the mixed reaction to the release of Medal of Honor, it is only natural that some might think that Electronic Arts may not be looking for success in the first-person-shooter space. If you are thinking that this is the case, then you would be wrong.

Nick Earl from Visceral says, “We are absolutely and positively not giving up on the first-person-shooter space.” With the success that EA-owned DICE has previously had in this space it is understandable that the company isn’t going to give up.

With Medal of Honor still expected to achieve its sales targets and Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 on the horizon, EA is still in the game. As one analyst told us today, “For EA it is a marathon, not a sprint; the release of MOH was the first step in an effort to reinvent the MOH brand and build another franchise to add to their offerings in the FPS space. Comparisons to the Call of Duty titles are actually unfair to the MOH release; as a revival of a franchise it actually is a step in the right direction, although it might not look like it at the moment.”

After playing both MOH on the Xbox 360 and PC, we have to agree that while it isn’t all it could have been and there are some rough areas within the title, EA will learn from this release and the next one should be much better. Whispers do suggest that there will be a MOH sequel to this release, but EA isn’t ready to talk about the next MOH just yet. We found a lot of good in MOH, but most of it was in the DICE-developed multiplayer part of the title.

It remains to be seen what EA can do with some additional work on MOH through some patches and downloadable content, but still we have to wonder if the amount of highly vocal negative press reviews already has this title headed for the discount bin. We will have to see where the numbers land, but those sources we have spoken with do seem confident that the title will hit its sales targets.

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