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Microsoft slags off Open Office

by on14 October 2010

Creates customer video
Software giant Microsoft has been dedicating a lot of time and effort making a video to slag off OpenOffice.

OpenOffice is a free, open source package which is the main rival to Microsoft’s cash cow Office. Redmond has compiled comments from 15 customers who switched to Office after evaluating OpenOffice. It has stuck them on a video posted to the company's office videos YouTube channel

Redmond later set the video as "private," which is supposed to mean it can't be watched by the great unwashed. However we have had no problems with the above link. The three minute video only choosing quotes from customers who have switched back to its productivity suite. The video has 17 quotes in total, 14 of which complain about how OpenOffice leads to higher long-term costs, poor interoperability, lower productivity, decreased efficiency, and overall frustration.

Apparently it can even affect the grades of students although it did not mention anything about causing kittens to die. The quotes appear to have come from case studies and press articles from the last four years, most of which are hosted on
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