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Mac to get new sync software

by on14 October 2010

Zune & WP7 devices to be supported
Sources are confirming to us that Microsoft has plans to release synchronization software supporting both Windows Phone 7 devices as well as Zune devices for connectivity to the Mac platform. The news is surprising, but not really if you think about it.

While the release details are not nailed down yet, nor is how the sync functionality will work with the Mac, apparently Microsoft is going to offer it. We are not sure how Mac users are going to embrace the functionality, but we do think it will be important for the long-term success potential for the WP7 platform. After all, even BlackBerry offers Mac support.

We doubt that it will make much impact in the Zune product space, as we don’t see Mac users leaving iTunes and iPods to switch to a Zune. Nonetheless, it is an important step forward for Microsoft as far as cross-platform support.

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