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Pirates of the Burning Sea

by on11 January 2008


Coming Soon: 21st of January 


On the 21st of January , we’ve got another MMORP (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing game) coming our way. Unlike DAoC and WoW, this time around you’ll be going back in time all the way to the 18th century, and getting a taste of true pirate life in those days.

You’ll choose among a group of characters – pirate, military officer, free trader, etc. You’ll be able to explore your surroundings by boat or on foot, and the map itself will pack over 80 ports full of surprises..


Naval battles should be a step away from the standard way battles are carried out in these types of games. Battles will not be based on simple keyboard mashing in order to shoot as soon as possible; this time it will be crucial to successfully maneuver your ship in order to get a clean shot. Of course, that won’t be easy, since winds, currents and your ship’s equipment will determine how hard that task will be. Your ship’s equipment will be a direct result of the money you make, and as we all could’ have learned in previous MMORPG’s, that’s not an easy task. Still, the harder the race, the sweeter the finish line…


Since this is a MMORPG, that means meeting thousands of players during your gaming, and the economy within the game is based exactly on that. It means that anything you buy, be it cannon ammo, ships, or just sunglasses, will be manufactured by another player; so, the game should have a self-sufficient economy based on supply and demand. That in turn means that if you can’t buy something, then you’ll just have to steal it.


The PvP system is quite interesting, because you won’t be able to attack players anywhere you see fit. It will only be possible in PvP zones that will appear on the map. These zones might, for instance, appear near an unstable port, if for example one player attacks it in a military or economic manner. Depending on the scale of attack, that zone might as well stretch to the next city. So, if you’re a merchant, or are carrying precious cargo, you might think twice before sailing through a PvP zone.


This unique MMORPG game is coming out on 21st of January, and we’re hoping it will be a relief from the already boring worlds of knights and wizards. The game itself should set you back about US$50, whereas on-line subscriptions will be as follows (note: the prices are for U.S.):

1 month: $14.99
3 months: $41.99
6 months: $77.99
12 months: $143

You can check out more pictures and find out more about the game on Gamespot.com or the official website.


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