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T-Mobile claims its G2 is jailbreak proof

by on11 October 2010

Challenge thrown-down
T-Mobile claims that its new G2 Android phone cannot be modified or Jailbroken. According to the outfit if you try to jailbreak the T-Mobile G2 it will automatically restore itself back to its factory settings.

Apparently the phone ships with a rootkit that will override changes made by the end user. According to HTC and T-Mobile just because you paid for your phone does not mean that you own it. They claim it is all about keeping users “safe”.

So far the members at Dev Forum have attempted endlessly to jailbreak the G2 with no results. But we guess with a challenge like this a hacker is going to earn a lot of street cred bringing the rootkit to its knees. So people will try.

All previous measures have been bypassed one way or another.

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