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Intel delays MeeGo smartphones

by on08 October 2010

Not ready until 2011
Intel says the development of the MeeGo mobile operating system is on track, but we will not see a MeeGo-based smartphones and tablets until 2011. This flies in the face of comments from Nokia that smartphones running the open-source OS would be on the market in 2010.

In an interview with Forbes, Doug Fisher, vice president of Intel's Software and Solutions Group and general manager of its Systems Software Division, said officials with both Intel and Nokia are pleased with the progress of MeeGo's development.

While Version 1.1 is due out later in 2010, and will offer features—including support for touch-based commands - that are aimed at smartphones and tablets. Devices based around the OS won't hit the market until the next year.

Neofonie, a Berlin-based company might be the exception with its WeTab 11.6-inch tablet. That outfit has claimed it will have the gear out by Christmas.

Both Nokia and Intel are looking to MeeGo to help them in the highly competitive mobile device world.

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