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U.S. Customs wants to search your laptop

by on09 January 2008


Same as going through your suitcase

IT people
going through U.S. Customs can expect to have officials go through their laptop files soon.

The government claims that it is perfectly entitled to inspect every laptop that enters the country, whether or not there is anything suspicious about the computer or its owner. One appeals case against the move has lost and another is expected to give the government the thumbs up soon.

This means that visitors to the U.S. should not carry any files that they do not wish a U.S. Customs Officer to see. Obviously, this is aimed at weeding out child pornography. However, it could also include copyrighted films, or mp3s. Any encrypted files will have to be opened before Customs officials, too.

It also means that this information could be stored and collected by the government on any electronic device carried across U.S. national borders.

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Last modified on 10 January 2008
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